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What is IdGrabber?

IdGrabber or Email Id Filter is a piece of web application which is used to filter and extract email id's from bulk text. Bulk text means a row data content or a text(.txt) file which have data with some number of Email id's in the file.
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Q: Who needs this filter?
Is a good question and every one is in need of it. Offices, Employees, Content Writers, Students and even a Spammer!
Q: I am not getting exact results as what i needed!
We are on a beta release. You may find issues, and you are free to post the issues on our blog. We are seeking for your suggestions and corrections so that we can improve our project.
Before you use the filter, You may read our blogs.
Q: Email id's are our private data. Will you copy it?
No! We don't save any email id's in our system. But we save the count of email Id's we extracted from your content. This will help us to track our growth. You can see this count from our home page.